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LEGO Dungeons & Dragons: it’s coming very soon



Lego has just revealed a new trailer for its highly anticipated Dungeons & Dragons set, also announcing the official release date.

The release of the LEGO Dungeons & Dragons set is highly anticipated. This event marks a moment of nostalgia and excitement for those who spent their childhood surrounded by multi-sided dice and LEGO bricks.

On March 12, LEGO released a second trailer which intrigued the community. Indeed, we see an enigmatic figure holding a shield different from the one seen in the first ad. This change intrigues and raises questions about future minifigures as well as the character classes they embody, thus fueling anticipation and curiosity within the community.

But LEGO didn't stop there! A launch page with a countdown timer was launched simultaneously. And it gives us a glimpse of what awaits us regarding the famous D&D minifigures.

New LEGO Dungeons & Dragons teaser

Here is a first glimpse of the outlines of 4 new DnD Minifigures. The image shows two smaller figures with armor in the center, one with long hair, elf ears carrying a book, and the other with a cape and bow on the right.

In addition to the teaser, a countdown also appeared on the site. This countdown indicates an official reveal date for the LEGO Ideas D&D set for the Tuesday March 19.

What to expect in 2024 for LEGO D&D

This year, we'll not only be getting the 3745-piece LEGO Ideas Dungeons & Dragons set in the spring, but also a Collectible Minifigure Series for the fall.

But since the series won't launch until September, the figurines shown in the teaser are likely those included in the set.

LEGO Ideas Dungeons & Dragons

LEGO Ideas D&D Set

LEGO Ideas Dungeons & Dragons fan design

Name : Dungeons & Dragons – Dragons Keep: Journey's End
Number : 21348
Exit : April
Price : €359.99
Pieces : 3745
Minifigures : ?

Dungeons & Dragons Minifigures

LEGO D&D teaser set

Name : Dungeons & Dragons Minifigures
Number : 71047
Exit : September 1
Price : €3.99 each


Impatience reaches its peak and the enthusiasm continues to grow. Keep your eyes peeled for the LEGO Dungeons & Dragons reveal and get ready to embark on legendary adventures, built brick by brick.

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