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LEGO Duplo Peppa Pig 2024 sets: release date, price and details



LEGO has finally revealed the LEGO Duplo Peppa Pig 2024 sets. Come and discover all their secrets, including when they will be released and how much each set will cost.

Celebrating the 20th anniversary of Peppa Pig, LEGO, in collaboration with Hasbro and Merlin Entertainments, announced the arrival of new LEGO Duplo sets inspired by everyone's favorite pig.

We've gathered all the details about these cute sets. So here are all the details, including their release date and how much each set will cost.

When will LEGO Duplo Peppa Pig sets be available?

The LEGO Duplo Peppa Pig range will therefore include four sets, each designed to inspire construction and play in little ones aged 2 and over. One of these kits will be launched on June 1, 2024while the other three currently do not have an official release date.

1. LEGO Duplo Peppa Pig's Supermarket — 10434

LEGO Duplo Peppa Pig's Supermarket Set - 10434

LEGO Duplo set Peppa Pig's Supermarket


Made up of the largest number of bricks of all these new LEGO Duplo sets, the Peppa Pig Supermarket set (10434) promises to captivate preschoolers, both during construction and during play. They will be able to create their own Peppa Pig scenes with the figurines of Peppa Pig, George, Mum and Dad. A car is also included.

Also, the 70-piece set comes with supermarket elements, such as a shopping cart and a checkout counter. It also includes food elements. This miniature supermarket measures over 8” (21cm) high, 22” (57cm) wide and 8” (22cm) deep.

Peppa Pig's supermarket will therefore be priced at €69.99. It will be officially available from June 1, 2024.

2. LEGO Duplo Peppa Pig's Birthday Party — 10433

LEGO Duplo Peppa Pig's Birthday Party Set - 10433

LEGO Duplo Peppa Pig's Birthday Party set on display


A brick-built birthday house that makes a great gift, this Duplo set will bring a smile to Peppa Pig fans' faces. Made up of 59 pieces, this set is full of neat elements with which they can celebrate Peppa Pig's 20th anniversary.

With this set, children are invited to join the celebration with a trio of characters. The latter includes Peppa Pig, Pedro Pony and Suzy Sheep. Accessories such as a birthday cake, gift and Teddy comforter are included, as well as a camera to capture the festive occasion.

The birthday house thus has a kitchen, a bedroom and a toilet. The complete model measures over 26cm high, 20cm wide and 6cm deep.

The birthday party at Peppa Pig will be priced at €44.99.

3. LEGO Duplo Peppa Pig’s Boat Trip — 10432

LEGO Duplo Peppa Pig's Boat Trip Set - 10432

LEGO Duplo Peppa Pig's Boat Trip set

Little ones will love the play experience with their favorite animated character on an imagination-stimulating boat trip. Also, the buildable boat can float, allowing young builders to truly immerse themselves by joining Peppa Pig and Grandpa Pig on a trip to the beach (10432).

Finally, the brick-built beach scene features a beach umbrella, sandcastle, and shovel, among several other neat objects and props. The latter includes fins.

The boat measures over 4” (11cm) high, 4” (12cm) long and 7” (18cm) wide. The set includes 23 pieces.

Peppa Pig's boat trip will be priced at €29.99.

4. LEGO Duplo Peppa Pig's Garden and Treehouse — 10431

LEGO Duplo Peppa Pig's Garden and Treehouse Set - 10431

LEGO Duplo Peppa Pig's Garden and Treehouse Set


Designed to nurture little ones' love of nature, with this Duplo set (10431), kids can help Peppa Pig and George grow a sunflower. The latter is made up of three bricks, each presenting a printed part of a sunflower. So there are no small elements, like those found on LEGO flowers designed for adults, that are dangerous for young people.

The 20-piece kit also includes a cabin, located on top of a tree made of large bricks. The latter measures over 19 cm high, 19 cm wide and 6 cm deep. Several accessories, such as a watering can and a gardening fork, are included.

Peppa Pig's garden and tree house will be priced at €19.99.

Each of these LEGO Duplo sets guarantees young LEGO builders an enjoyable building and play experience that will spark their imagination. These sets will therefore also make excellent gifts for children. So, while you assemble the bricks from one of your LEGO sets, the youngest ones can enjoy theirs inspired by their favorite character.

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