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LEGO Horizon Adventures has first trailer on Switch



The time when Sony’s exclusive franchises were only released for the brand’s consoles has passed. LEGO Horizon Adventures will carry the PS Studios seal, however, in addition to reaching PS5, it will also have versions for Nintendo Switch and PC. At this Tuesday’s Nintendo Direct (18), Aloy was present at the event.

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At the digital conference, alongside important revelations from the Mario and Zelda sagas that will arrive in the coming months, the title inspired by Horizon Zero Dawn was shown, with new gameplay scenes and menu details. From the looks of it, this adventure seems like a lot of fun:


Co-developed by Sony’s Guerrilla Games and Studio Gobo, the game is described as “a fun, light-hearted story inspired by the events of the world of Horizon.” With support for local and online co-op, LEGO Horizon Adventures allows up to two players to join the huntress Nora on her quest.

Still without a release date, the game had a release window scheduled for around the holidays. Will we spend Christmas having fun with Aloy? The only way to wait is for more news!


With LEGO Horizon Adventures on Switch, can Aloy come to Smash Bros?

One thing has nothing to do with the other, but there are those who already imagine a scenario where PlayStation and Nintendo become “close” to the point where Aloy, who will arrive on the Switch with LEGO Horizon Adventures, appears in Smash Bros. Understand better here!

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