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Level 50 Helldivers 2 player spends the day helping others



One of the great points that make Helldivers 2 so interesting is the sense of companionship that it awakens in players. One of them, however, took the fight for democracy and security on Super Earth to another level. Identified as “.atasu” in a post on Reddit, he is becoming a true legend in the community. Why?

Well, he reached the game's maximum level, level 50, and now spends his days simply helping others. For those unfamiliar, Helldivers 2 has a call for help mechanic. If you join a session and need a helping hand from strangers around the world, just activate a flag that will start a search.

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What “.atasu” does is simple: fulfill as many requests as possible. After more than 200 hours playing the shooter, he is now dedicated to helping those who are having a hard time in the insane fight against insects.

“If you put up an SOS sign, it means you are asking for help to complete the main objective. Thus, I will try to save you from imminent dangers and guide you towards victory. If I see three guys constantly dying in a dead end hole, I'm going to head towards the objective, clearing out every place of interest I can find and saving every sample I see. Afterwards, I will go to the extraction zone and call Pelican-1. And I'll tell you, “Don't worry, the ship can wait until the end of the game, you can finish whatever you want, don't worry.” And that’s true – the spacecraft will wait after landing,” wrote the internet user.

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