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Limited Run talks about the legacy of games on physical media



The horizon for physical media gaming looks bleak. Major console hardware manufacturers are getting closer and closer to eliminating disc support, such as the supposed Xbox Series X without a reader and the PS5 Slim, which has a removable compartment and is sold separately. Going “against the tide”, Limited Run still believes in the strength of this market.

While many games are available digitally, stories abound of people losing access to purchased games due to digital store closures, licensing issues, or unexplained bans.

Limited Run Games CEO Josh Fairhurst said in an interview with The Verrge that he believes that, due to digital ownership issues, people will still care about games on physical media for a long time.

When they start to see things like games being pulled or access being revoked to what they purchased, I think they're going to start saying, 'I should just keep buying physical. I think this will catalyze people to look into having physical media again.

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth physical media, blue background, and Cloud with the Buster Sword

Limited Run, known for releasing physical copies of games, is working to convince publishers to buy into the model, even when digital sales can be more profitable.

“If you sell a copy of your game at retail, you make about $4 or $5,” says Fairhurst. “If you sell the game on a digital platform, you receive the full value of that sale, minus just the 30% that the platforms take on the digital side.”

To persuade large publishers to offer a physical version of a game, Limited Run takes on much of the production, from design to manufacturing. Although they criticize the time it takes to ship products, the company now operates on a pre-order basis to ensure adequate production.

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What if physical media games are forgotten?

Fairhurst recognizes that, if the future is one of consoles without support for games on physical media, Limited Run could focus on retro platforms or launch more DRM-free games — which are not linked to any platform like Steam or Epic, for example — for PRAÇA.

Not only does the company offer incredible products for collectors, but it also plays a vital role in keeping games alive that might otherwise be affected by firmware updates or digital store closures.

What do you think of this whole situation? It is worth mentioning that Limited Run even delivers its games on physical media to Brazil, however, purchases incur import and shipping fees with a “high” price.

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