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Lunar Awakening event is now available



Until February 20th, players in the Seasonal and Eternal Realms of Diablo IV will be able to participate in the Lunar Awakening event. During this period, you will be able to exchange Favor of the Ancestors reputation for extravagant Lunar Renewal-themed rewards.

To do so, participants must visit northern Ked Bardu to meet Ying-Yue, leader of the Lunar Night Market. The store will be a central hub and guarantees valuable bonuses the more Lunar Altars are active and monsters are defeated nearby.

Lunar Awakening celebrants believe this power may be the return of the spirits of the Ancestors, so during the event, some altars were replaced with Lunar Altars with an updated look to match the festivities.

diablo ivdiablo iv
Source: Blizzard

They work similarly to the normal ones, but have been boosted in celebration of this festive event in Diablo IV and grant a bonus effect in addition to the power of the normal altar. This includes 50% EXP, 30% increased movement speed, and unique perks.

Check out the list below with all the effects enhanced in each Altar:

  • Altar of Artillery – Casts have a chance to summon a holy bomb.
  • Shockwave Altar – Each explosion summons a bombardment of fragments.
  • Channeling Altar – Increased attack speed and chance to reset cooldowns.
  • Conductive Altar – Summons frequent and powerful electrical attacks.
  • Altar of Greed – Chance to summon a Treasure Goblin. While the altar is active, 25 kills summon a Treasure Goblin, and 50 kills summon a second.
  • Lethal Altar – Chance to instantly execute a hit monster, causing fear to surrounding monsters. Note: This includes Elites, but excludes Bosses and other players.
  • Altar of Protection – You reflect all damage received. Reflected damage increases with level and difficulty.

New cosmetics in the Diablo IV event

Lunar Awakening in Diablo IV consists of an event with ten Favor of the Ancestors reputation levels. This scale guarantees up to six cosmetic rewards, which will be available for redemption in Tejal's store after the requirements are met.

Check out images of the costumes and equipment offered for the celebration below:

diablo ivdiablo iv
Source: Blizzard
diablo ivdiablo iv
Source: Blizzard

Diablo IV is available for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series and PC. To learn more about Lunar Awakening, click here.

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