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Marvel Rivals already crowned “Overwatch killer”



Marvel Rivals has already been crowned as the “ Overwatch killer ”, although it is not yet publicly available.

In partnership with NetEase Games, Marvel announced Marvel Rivals on March 27, promising a heroic 6v6 shooter filled with heroes and villains.

A closed alpha for PC players on Steam and the Epic Games Store will launch on an unspecified date in May. So, the audience currently has no idea how the new experience will play out in terms of gameplay.

Still, that hasn't stopped comparisons to Overwatch from spreading like wildfire across the web. Some have even gone so far as to call the Marvel title the “ Overwatch killer “.

Others social media posts request that the newly announced project from Marvelplease be the overwatch killer “.

How the new Marvel game will measure up to Overwatch is currently unknown. But Internet users aren't just comparing it to Blizzard's iconic shooter.

Based on the announcement trailer alone, Marvel Rivals has also been compared to free-to-play shooters Valorant and Paladins.

A comment said: “ Marvel Rivals really feels like a mix of Paladins and Valorant, people say 'Overwatch killer' with a straight face? let's be realistic “.

For now, these conclusions are only guesses based on limited information and gameplay footage. Everyone should have a better idea of ​​the so-called ” Overwatch killer » when Marvel Rivals enters its closed alpha phase in May.

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