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Mass Effect the Board Game is the new board game in the series



mass effect the board game

Time to prepare your living room, unfold your RPG table and invite your friends for some smart weekend gaming. A Modiphius Entertainment announced that it will launch Mass Effect the Board Game – Priority: Hagalaztabletop board game inspired by the iconic franchise RPG.

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According to a statement, the board game will be a story-driven co-op adventure for up to four players. The background of the plot is the events of Mass Effect 3during the year 2186, a time when “the Reapers have invaded the galaxy and the Citadel Races are about to lose the war”.

In the game, you will be able to choose a variety of characters. Between them: Shepard and members of your squad, considering the entire trilogy Mass Effectas Liara, Tali, Wrex It is Garrus. Heroes will be able to have “powerful equipment, develop unique skills and participate in missions together”.

In the Mass Effect the Board Game box, there will be six miniatures plastic of the same participating characters, with 3.2 cm tall each one. There will be three to five chapters per story, each of which should last, on average, 1 hour to complete.

Mass Effect the Board Game arrives in 2024

As of now, Mass Effect the Board Game does not yet have a specific release date. The forecast is for sometime in 2024. For more information about the board game, you can sign up for the manufacturer's newsletter to receive the latest news in your email.

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