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Mass Effect: the iconic RPG is releasing in an immersive board game version this year



Fans of Bioware's space RPG have reason to celebrate, as a new Mass Effect board game will be released this year.

Mass Effect aficionados have had a rough few years. The series attempted to find a new direction following the conclusion of the acclaimed original trilogy. However, to the disappointment of its legions of loyal players, Mass Effect has remained in stasis since Andromeda's release was met with mixed reactions.

A new title in the space series, appearing to continue directly after the original trilogy, has been teased since 2020. Unfortunately, the closure of Anthem and the problematic development history of Dragon Age Dreadwolf have apparently required most of the attention of the studio.

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However, a new Mass Effect experience has been announced. Although not a new video game title, this board game will certainly appeal to long-time fans of the series. With Modiphius at the helm and Asmodee editing, it's safe to say that the crew of the Normandy is back in action.

Who is in charge of the Mass Effect board game?

Mass Effect the Boardgame – Priority: Hagalaz (Mass Effect Board Game – Priority: Hagalaz) was created by Eric M. Lang and Calvin Wong Tze Loon. It will be published by the publisher Modiphius. The game takes place during the events of Mass Effect 3, as the galaxy struggles to find every resource possible to fight the Reaper invasion.

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So far, the only board game adaptation of Mass Effect has been licensed versions of existing games like Risk and Monopoly. But with detailed, high-quality adaptations like Steamforged's Dark Souls and Resident Evil games coming to prominence in recent years, it's honestly surprising that Mass Effect didn't benefit from a board game experience sooner. Fortunately, Modiphius is here to correct this error.

All the details about Mass Effect the Boardgame – Priority: Hagalaz

Commander Shepard and his team in Mass Effect 3Bioware

The storm-ravaged world of Hagalaz – once home to the Shadow Broker's base in Mass Effect 2 – is the setting for a crucial Priority mission. A Cerberus research cruiser has crash-landed on the planet, and with little time on his hands, Commander Shepard must lead a team into the depths of the cruiser to uncover some of Cerberus' darkest secrets.

Just like with the main Mass Effect games, players are encouraged to build their ideal squad from a roster of loyal companions. Shepard leads the Hagalaz mission, and players will choose from Liara, Wrex, Garrus and Tali as companions, each with their own detailed 32mm plastic figure.

Far from being a simple single mission, Mass Effect the Boardgame – Priority: Hagalaz features multiple story missions to complete, with card-driven AI playing a role, replicating the deep, high-consequence RPG storytelling that Mass Effect is so beloved for.

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Indeed, Priority: Hagalaz seeks to replicate many of the design pillars of Mass Effect. Teammates will upgrade their powers and equipment as missions progress. Also optional Loyalty missions to complete will be available. Co-op is truly at the heart of the game, whether piloting your squad alone or working with up to three other players.

Mass Effect the Boardgame – Priority: Hagalaz will be published by Asmodee during the year 2024. The official date remains to be announced, but we will not fail to inform you as soon as details become available.

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