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Max Payne and Alan Wake 2 remakes have similar budgets



The Max Payne 1 + 2 remakes are expected to cost Remedy “funds and worlds”. A financial statement confirmed that the projects will have similar investments to Alan Wake 2 and remain in the early stages of development.

Earlier this year, the company suggested that the budget used to develop Alan Wake 2 was around US$75 million. Therefore, it is expected that the costs of remakes will be close to this amount.

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Furthermore, the statement indicated that Max Payne 1 and 2 are in pre-production stages. As a result, the titles should take a few years to return to the gaming scene.

Max Payne 1 + 2 Remake also remains in preparation for production. The team has made considerable progress over the year. The remakes will be major games with great potential, made possible by a similar development budget to Alan Wake 2.

max payne shootingmax payne shooting
Source: Rockstar Games

There is still no release date for the games.

Control 2 and Max Payne remakes have accelerated development

At the beginning of the year, Remedy confirmed that the development of Control 2 and the Max Payne remakes has accelerated considerably. This would have been possible after the successful release of Alan Wake 2. Click here to learn more.

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