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Media Molecule would also be close to being closed



Rumors about layoffs at Media Molecule are not new, but this time, they seem “more serious” than ever. According to Dead Game, the studio was “at the top of the list” to be closed this year by Sony. It is not yet known whether this can happen, but the fact is that, in the company's recent major reorganization, another studio was closed, PlayStation London Studio.

The Dead Game investigation began at the end of 2023, when its main author, Ethan Gach, was still at Kotaku. Looking at leaked Insomniac documents and talking to industry sources, the reporter came to the conclusion that one of the two studios would close this year.

“At the time, I heard from a source that London Studio and Media Molecule were the most likely candidates for a complete closure. While Media Molecule had already announced the end of updates for its gaming tool, Dreams, and suffered layoffs in the fall, London Studio was working on a new live-service multiplayer urban fantasy game, after shifting focus away from gaming. virtual reality following the release of Blood and Truth in 2019 and Erica. Another source told me at the time that the game was progressing very slowly, in part due to the studio completely switching to a new genre. Despite years of production, they didn’t expect it to see the light of day so soon,” Gach wrote.

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In other words, with layoffs, changes of focus and possible project cancellations, it seems that Media Molecule is not that safe, especially in the current scenario of the games industry.

Co-founder of Media Molecule leaves studio after end of support for Dreams

Mark Healey, co-founder of Media Molecule and one of the main minds behind Dreams, announced his departure from the company after 17 years of partnership. He developed the creation game, but also worked on LittleBigPlanet and other studio projects. Read more by clicking here.

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