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Metal Gear Solid Delta date shared by store was wrong



In recent days, a supposed release date for Metal Gear Solid Delta was released by GameStop, a North American retailer, on X, and many people kept an eye on possible official news from then on. However, it didn’t take long for the company to go public and say that the information was incorrect.

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The first suspicion raised by internet users involved the premiere date. Konami, according to the store, would have chosen November 17th to launch the game.

Despite being an emblematic day as it marks exactly 20 years since the arrival of Metal Gear Solid 3, this window pointed to a Sunday. Typically, AAA premieres do not occur on this day of the week.

After all the repercussion and attention that it ended up drawing for itself and for Konami itself, GameStop clarified that it was a misunderstanding. Check out:

Our previous pre-order post on Metal Gear Solid Delta had an incorrect release date. More information about the game’s official launch will come from Konami.

In any case, the retailer continues with pre-sales open for those who want to have the physical edition of this classic sneaky action game. After the news shown at the Xbox Showcase, many longtime fans should be paying attention for more details to be released.

Compare: Metal Gear Solid 3 (PS2) vs. Metal Gear Solid Delta

Konami seems to be taking very good care of the remake and Metal Gear Solid Delta appears to be very faithful to Metal Gear Solid 3 on the PS2. Watch a comparison video by clicking this link!

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