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Midas returns to Fortnite with “The Floor is Lava” challenge



In the Fortnite Battle Royale universe, Midas is known as the “criminal genius with a golden touch.” His cunning is so impressive that he managed to escape from prison in the Underworld and bring the “The Floor is Lava” challenge from TikTok into the battle royale.

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If in real life the intention was to pretend that the ground was on fire and whoever fell lost, in the game whoever falls into the pool of gold that takes over certain areas of the island loses. This playlist will be available until April 2nd at 10am — Brasília time —, and whoever does well in the gameplay will have the Ascendant Midas Outfit in the locker room.

The narrative follows the saga of Midas and his team in search of freedom, with exclusive rewards along the journey. Rise of Midas Tasks are divided into five phases, each unlocking new content and prizes as players progress through Fortnite matches.

Midas leaving the Underworld in FortniteMidas leaving the Underworld in Fortnite

Highlights of the rewards include the Cerberus Medallion Spray, the Pink Back Bling of Avarice and the Golden Queen Glider, offering participants a chance to make their avatars more stylish with iconic items from the Midas saga.

Will it be possible to buy Midas Ascendant in the Fortnite store?

For fans of the character, the Ascendant Midas Costume and other golden items will be available in the Store, but only on the 26th of this month. The Golden Ascension Wrap will also be highlighted, providing the famous golden glow of other editions of the skin to the characters' equipment.

Fortnite Midas skinFortnite Midas skin

More fixes from Fortnite update 29.01

Epic Games has now released Hades' chains for use in battles in Fortnite. Simply defeat him or find the item in chests to pull enemies into your range.


Additionally, the gameplay fixes will be as follows:

  • Fixed an issue that allowed players to cast Zeus' Thunderstorm through structures.
  • Fixed an issue that allowed you to shoot through player-built structures with the Gatekeeper Shotgun.
  • Fixed an issue that allowed Icarus Wings to be used to fly indefinitely.
  • This isn't a Battle Royale bug, but we also fixed a visual issue that prevented players from seeing XP earned on islands created in Creative until they returned to the Lobby.

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