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Mission in Helldivers 2 becomes good action in real life



Helldivers 2 players decided to save a group of sick children in Vernen Wells in the last Major Order. By putting aside a powerful ploy to take care of the little citizens of Super Earth, Arrowhead felt moved by the in-game act and made a donation to the organization Save the Children.

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This choice made by Helldivers 2 fans shows a lot about the community, which, despite their efforts, clearly has no interest in unlocking the MD-17 Anti-Tank mines. To show players the good deed, creative director Johan Pilestedt posted the donation receipt on X:

Helldivers: You did it, Helldivers! Your courage is inspiring and we follow in your footsteps by donating to Save The Children.

PIlestedt: As the Helldivers 2 community chose to save the children, Arrowhead did the same. We made a donation to, well, Save the Children. Excellent work, Helldivers!

Pilestedt also shared a message of thanks from the children at Super Citizen Anne’s orphanage: “Dear Helldivers, thank you very much for saving us. We were told that you made many sacrifices (mines/lives) to help us. We will always be grateful. Now, we can grow up and become Helldivers too.”

Helldivers 2 “review bomb” cover is real and coming soon

Arrowhead didn’t forget to bring that cover to remember the “review bomb” suffered by the game when PSN became mandatory. The item only needs one release window to arrive in Helldivers 2 now. Look here!

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