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Modders mix PES with Genshin Impact in hilarious video



We are used to seeing good creations from Bomba Patch involving games from the PES franchise, but this time competitors appeared and they went too far. Some modders merged Konami's football game with Genshin Impact and the result was simply hilarious, catching the attention of players on the internet.

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An internet user known as Kudaranai was responsible for delivering this content, which went viral on Twitter, reaching more than 350,000 people, with some cuts published by other accounts. In the game, the athletes simply became the HoYoVerse gacha fairies.

The funniest? It is possible to identify the teams by the colors of their dresses, but they still have their little ears and other accessories that they use in the world of Genshin Impact. Other crossovers, such as referee Robocop, also appear in the content. Check it out below:

It is also interesting to note how the characters' clothes somehow fit into the athletes' models from the original Konami title. Genshin Impact and PES, now eFootball, are two free games that attract a lot of attention. Would you like to see a collaboration between the franchises?

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