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Modern Warfare III would have damaged connection



Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III players are experiencing lag issues after the latest update, which is making the game “unplayable” for many. Even with a stable connection, fans report garbled gameplay, rubber banding and slow motion episodes.

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There are numerous reports on the MW3 subreddit, where internet users shared videos showing the difficulties in moving around and getting kills. One player commented that, despite having a high internet connection, he is experiencing unbearable lag spikes since the update, even with low ping.

The frustration is evident, with many stating that the problem occurs in every game. Comments from Internet users suggest that “network stability” worsens with each major update, indicating possible problems with the game’s netcode. Observe the example below:


Just popped in after not playing for a few months. What’s going on these days lol?
byu/yaboyfriendisadork inModernWarfareIII

I ended up joining after not playing for a few months. What is currently happening?

In the comments, many others said it was an issue exclusive to Call of Duty Modern Warfare III. This situation with packet loss and connection failures seems to be occurring quite frequently. Have you been through this?

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