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Monster Hunter Wilds will demand “the most” from consoles



Monster Hunter Wilds director Tuya Tokuda revealed to PC Gamer that the franchise’s next big project will demand “the most” from consoles to create a “living and reactive universe”. Just like World released in 2018, the MH sequel will have an emphasis on the internal ecosystem and how all things happen naturally as players band together to hunt monsters.

Any Monster Hunter game where I’m a director will always focus on the ecosystem element. As the generations of hardware we’re working on become more and more powerful, I want to use the hardware specs to the fullest to portray a living, breathing world as convincingly as possible.

Based on the visuals and gameplay seen in previous trailers, we believe that Monster Hunter Wilds will not only take the franchise to a new level, but will also bet on an interesting dynamic nature of events, requiring all the power of the consoles.

Monster Hunter Wilds will be more accessible

Producer Ryozo Tsujimoto revealed that Monster Hunter Wilds was based on various feedback collected during support for Monster Hunter World. With this, Capcom had the opportunity to facilitate access to various features and the experience will be more attractive for newcomers. Know more!

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