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More PS2 games on PS Plus? Responsible people disagree



The Classics Catalog has not yet arrived, and the absence of great PS2 games in PS Plus Deluxe weighs heavily. Games like God of War, Black and Need for Speed ​​Underground, for example, are not present on the service… but who knows in the future? Implicit Conversions didn't give us hope, but it didn't take it away either.

This company is simply one of the main responsible for ports of PS1, PSP and PS2 titles appearing via emulation within the Deluxe and Premium levels — the latter unavailable in Brazil. The information can be found both on the company's LinkedIn and on its official website.

All the spells used by Kratos in the God of War games
(SOURCE: reproduction)

In a recent interview with Time Extension, those responsible said that it all started experimentally with Sony, but in the end, emulation made them create a company just to take care of this type of port. Obviously, anyone waiting for great PS2 games on PS Plus now knows who to charge, but don't worry.

After claiming to have the expertise and still working on more titles, they declined to give further details about which possible future PS2 games on PS Plus (and in separate ports for current-gen consoles) will be available:

Unfortunately, we cannot deny or confirm anything about the PS2.

It's important to highlight: PS Plus Deluxe already has PlayStation 2 games in its catalogue, although there are few of them — Ape Escape 2 and some games from the Jak & Daxter saga are examples.

Will we have news soon?

Meanwhile, monthly PS Plus games are now released

The games for the month of March for PS Plus subscribers are now available for redemption. The big news this time is F1 23, alongside SIFU. Find out more by clicking here!

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