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Most-Watched Movie of 2024 on Netflix “Makes No Sense” According to Fans



The most-watched film of 2024 on Netflix so far has been revealed – but viewers find it “no sense“.

Netflix started the year 2024 with a bang, offering creations that were a hit with subscribers. On the series side, spectators were able to find the series The Gentlemen by Guy Ritchie, reprising the film The Gentlemen by Guy Ritchie (you read that right), but also Avatar: The Last Airbendera bold adaptation of the iconic Nickelodeon cartoon.


And what about films? The streaming platform is not left out: K-drama Loh Kiwan made a remarkable entrance, Spaceman plays with arachnophobes, and Millie Bobby Brown faces a dragon in The Lady and the Dragon. Indeed, the star of Stranger Things abandoned Eleven's outfits to wander around in a princess dress in caves inhabited by a gigantic lizard.

And if the feature film exploded the views counter at the start of the year for the streaming platform, some spectators were frightened by their perplexity. To hear them, The Lady and the Dragon would not make sense.


Warning: this article spoils elements of the film The Lady and the Dragon.

Netflix Viewers Say Most Watched Movie of 2024 “no sense

The Lady and the Dragon has been watched more than 35 million times on Netflix according to the platform's weekly report. A figure all the more impressive as it represents the number of views in just three days of broadcast!


But for some viewers, there is a catch: the story, and the climax in particular, would not make sense. One of the negative points would thus be the flammable side of the antagonist, as this Internet user pointed out on X/Twitter : “I love Millie, but the movie The Lady and the Dragon makes no sense. How can you tell me a dragon gets burned?

Another also expressed his disappointment: “A decent idea but far too stupid here to make anything decent out of it. You're going to need some luck to feel immersed and unfortunately the creature design is truly horrible and makes no sense.


A mixed review for The Lady and the Dragon

But not everyone is moved by the liberties taken with the laws of nature. If The Lady and the Dragon is not the masterpiece of the year, the feature film comes away with a review that is neither too harsh nor particularly convinced.

Millie Bobby Brown (Elodie) Nick Robinson (Prince Henry) in The Lady and the Dragon

For Écran Large, it’s also the ending that falls short: “The Lady and the Dragon half keeps its initial promise and it's a shame since it's the best part of the film. The rest is much less fun, and even more forgettable.

Empire settled for two stars, deeming the Netflix film “too childish and superficial for adults, but too brutal and bloody for children.” On the side of The Guardian, the welcome is a little warmer, for a three-star rating: “The Stranger Things star isn't always convincing as a princess fighting for her life, but there's fun to be had from this subversive alternative to fairy tale patterns.”


The Lady and the Dragon has been available on Netflix since March 8, 2024.

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