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MultiVersus Update Brings More Balance Adjustments



Player First Games has released an update for MultiVersus with the aim of readjusting the game’s balance. The patch focuses on six characters and fixes an issue caused by the previous hotfix.

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Among the fighters, the most modified were Iron Giant and Shaggy. The Scooby Doo hero had neutral air attack moves changed in 1.01, including reversing the knockback nerf and increasing the cancel window by ten frames.

The Iron Giant was the most nerfed. The MultiVersus fighter can no longer jump, use special attacks and walk around the edges while holding the opponent. Additionally, a fix has been applied to stun cancellation.


MultiVersus update changes more fighters

Other characters that have been adjusted are Banana Guard, Harley Quinn, Reindog and Rick, but on much smaller scales. Meanwhile, the input loading issue, generated by hotfix 1.03 and believed to be responsible for disconnections, has been fixed.

To check out the full update notes, just click here. A larger balance patch is expected to arrive in the future, but no date has been confirmed.

Source: WB Games

MultiVersus is available for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series and PC.

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