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MW3 players are calling for a major nerf to this “deadly” sniper



MW3 features a multitude of snipers, but one in particular dominates all game modes to the point where fans are not only clamoring for a major nerf, but they are also comparing it to the famous Kar98k from MW 2019.

Modern Warfare 3 Season 2 is now approaching its mid-season update Reloaded. This second season added two new weapons, the RAM-9 and the BP50, with two more to come, including the SOA Subverter battle rifle.

She also saw several weapon buffs and nerfs, but sniper rifles were relatively spared. Among them, the Longbow quickly became the most sought-after choice, this rapid-fire sniper being one of the best for making quickscopes.

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The Longbow has become so popular that players feel it has overtaken the Kar98k, which dominated for a long time and was a fan favorite in MW19. Notably, Reddit user 'RandomGoof567' posted a post on the 'ModernWarfare3' subreddit saying: “The Longbow is completely absurd.

I really think this game is fun in multiplayer…until the other team breaks out Longbows. It has become a more serious infestation than KAR. I just can't compete against 3 guys on the other team using this broken gun on me.

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Many agree with this opinion, like this user who said: “This weapon really needs a nerf. I used it last night on Meat just for fun and it turned the game into a point-and-click adventure.“Many players agreed that the Longbow requires a nerf,”The snipers need to be NERVED ASAP! They are ruining the game!

Some have further claimed that weapons like the Longbow can become even more devastating when combined with the aim assist, “One-shot weapons are especially deadly with aim assist.

To conclude, players are hoping that the Season 3 update will bring some nerfs to this weapon.

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