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MW3 players are exhausted by the omnipresence of cheaters despite waves of bans



MW3 players have rallied against the game's developers and the anti-cheat system, claiming that their games are constantly infested with cheaters even after large waves of bans.

The RICOCHET team, creator of the anti-cheat system for Warzone and Modern Warfare 3, implemented several waves of bans on March 25 and announced that they had banned more than 28,000 accounts.

However, MW3 players say they still encounter cheaters who ruin their gaming experience. On the game's subreddit, two posts describe players' experiences in online matchmaking during the Double XP weekend.

One user said it was impossible to find a lobby without someone using cheats and included a video showing a player using what appears to be an aimbot.

What is this new wave of hackers/cheaters? I know they can be common in older games, but I still thought that for the new Call of Duty it wouldn't be much of a concern“, said this player.

Seriously, what does anti-cheat do? It seems practically useless if it can't detect this guy“, writes another player in the comments.

Another post indicates experiencing the same problem, in addition to other technical issues at play.

Every game now has at least one cheater…what is Ricochet for? Have you also noticed that with the advent of hackers, you tend to lose non-stop while having to deal with the excruciating packet loss problems that seem to conveniently arise when your team is finally winning? Double XP isn't worth wasting your time when the game runs this poorly“, explained a fan.

These cheater reports also come as cheat makers face a malware campaign targeting players using their products.

However, this campaign and the recent wave of anti-cheat bans don't seem to do much for some MW3 players, who continue to experience matchmaking issues.

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