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MW3 players criticize this “overpowered” accessory despite several nerfs



Despite several nerfs, MW3's “Large Magazine JAK Kit” accessory remains incredibly popular in multiplayer and continues to dominate, much to the dismay of players.

MW3 has integrated spare parts, adding even more powerful and popular attachments to the game. However, some players have once again criticized the “annoying” Large Magazine JAK Kit, which continues to dominate every game.

Despite major nerfs on February 21 and March 13, as well as new Season 2 Reloaded accessories that captivated players, the JAK Large Magazine Kit has maintained its strong popularity.

On Reddit, user 'RedEyesGoldDragon' shared his frustration, saying: “This has got to be the most meaningless and boring thing in gaming.“, accompanied by a screenshot of the accessory.

In the replies, another MW3 player agreed with this opinion, adding: “Just like the grenade launcher, it's so boring it's not even funny anymore.

Another user pointed out that although this accessory performs well, it clearly lacks efficiency on large cards. Echoing this sentiment, another player added: “It's hilarious to use that. It's absolutely useless on large maps, but… you really have to abuse it on small ones.

MW3 players believe that the Haymaker Large Magazine JAK Kit creates this situation where “when one person takes it out, the whole lobby follows“, which ends up significantly affecting the gaming experience on maps, especially small ones like Rust, Meat, Stash House, among others.

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