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MW3 players denounce the uselessness of this accessory which is a nightmare to unlock



MW3 players have heavily criticized the new RGL-80 spare part, with many calling it useless while the unlocking process was a real ordeal.

The JAK-Thumper 656 is a new conversion kit for the RGL-80, which allows the grenade launcher to access different types of ammunition, such as shells, sticky grenades and armor-piercing charges, while improving bullet velocity .

To unlock it, you need to complete five Week 4 challenges, and most of the challenges involve achieving explosive kills with different equipment. This led to a major increase in players using launchers, explosive ammo, and aerial killstreaks in matches to unlock this new accessory, which caused some frustration.

A user on Reddit claimed to have had a “meltdown” while trying to unlock the JAK-Thumper 656, and to drive home the point, another player responded: “Just wait until you see how bad this accessory is. All this pain for nothing.

Many comments on this Reddit post have also expressed disappointment with the RGL-80 conversion kit, and some even claim that it is “bugged”. “You can’t equip it“, said one player, while another shared a similar experience: “Yes. Unlocked, and it doesn’t allow me to equip it either!

While some have no problem equipping it, when it is used, opinions are unanimous: “it’s completely rubbish“.

However, it is worth noting that the RGL-80 suffered a nerf on June 4, which does not help its power with this new accessory. However, given player reviews of this accessory, it’s likely that the Season 4 Reloaded update will make the necessary changes to make it at least usable.

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