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MW3 players divided on Warhammer 40K pay-to-lose pack



joueurs mw3 sont divises pack pay to lose warhammer 40k

MW3 players divided on Warhammer 40K pay to lose pack

One of the new Warhammer 40K packs has completely divided Modern Warfare 3 players, with some calling it “pay to lose” because it leaves you vulnerable while hiding.

Over the past few years, Call of Duty has embraced the crossover trend, teaming up with a long list of pop culture figures, TV shows, and even athletes to bring unique skins and events to their games.

Some of these cosmetics have sometimes caused annoyance among players. Many fans have complained about the lack of realism, particularly with the cartoon-style skins, while others have expressed concerns about the amount of “advertising” these skins bring to the game.

The latest crossover saw Warhammer 40K skins arrive in Modern Warfare 3 and Warzone, and while some fans enjoyed the Juggermosh game mode, one of the skins was labeled as “pay to lose”.

However, not everyone shares this opinion.

Warhammer Servocran considered “pay to lose” in MW3

If you haven't yet reached into your wallet to purchase the new Astra Militarum pack, then you may have missed some of these rumored issues.

The new pack contains a new skin, a series of weapon blueprints, as well as a new Tactical Animal execution: ServoSkull.

And it's the Tactical Pet that's the problem, as players like user DrakonRax have noted that it can give away your position if you're trying to hide, since the Servo Skull floats high enough to be seen over it the walls.

You have this head floating around you, which is cool, but it's a disadvantage if you're trying to hide to heal yourself or something“, explains the player. “Hahaha pay to lose“, added another. “A tax for idiots“, said another.

However, some players use the Tactical Animal to their advantage. “A free sniper lure, I think,” argued one fan. “The fact that this can be used as bait tips it slightly into pay to win territory“, added another.

The floating head can be removed if you change your execution, but if you paid for this pack, you'll definitely want to use it. So advantage or disadvantage? It's for you to see.

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