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MW3 players welcome keyboard/mouse aim change



Modern Warfare 3 players have applauded the recent change to aiming, which, with the arrival of Season 2, greatly benefits keyboard/mouse users.

Since its launch, MW3 has encountered issues related to aim assist and difficulties encountered by players using the keyboard/mouse.

But the recent Season 2 update introduced significant changes to the Aim Sway of weapons in the game.

This change greatly benefited keyboard/mouse users, and the MW3 community welcomed it enthusiastically.

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MW3 players are excited about the aiming changes

A video was posted on the MW3 subreddit to demonstrate the changes made to the aim swing movement.

A character is shown aiming before the update, and then after, to show how much more stable aiming has become.

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The community is clearly excited about this change, with one comment stating: “Big win, SHG. Finally a little attention for the keyboard/mouse.

Previously, when aiming, you were targeted at a random point in the idle swing animation, it wasn't always the center of your screen. Now it's much more consistently aimed right at the center. It's a big change.” says another player.

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One fan even goes so far as to say that it’s the “best update” that the game has received to date.

Better yet, this change affects all weapons in the game, with the exception of sniper rifles.

With the Season 2 update, the developers seem to have won a lot of points with players. Let's hope it continues in this direction.

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