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MW3 Ranked mode is considered “the worst” by players



Modern Warfare 3 players recently expressed their frustrations by calling the game's Ranked mode the “worst” competitive mode they have ever played.

Modern Warfare 3 was fairly well received by CoD players upon launch, but still received a fair amount of criticism for many reasons.

The complaints have continued since the game's release, mainly around the very controversial subject of SBMM or even about spawns.

But for several days, the developers have been facing even more backlash for implementing a “completely broken” matchmaking system in Ranked mode.

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MW3 Players Slam Ranked Mode as “Worst” in CoD History

On February 6, a CoD player started a discussion about MW3's Ranked mode. The criticism surrounding competitive mode isn't new, although many fans claim it's the worst they've ever played.

MW3's Ranked mode is probably the WORST competitive mode I've ever played” he explains on Reddit.

In the responses to the post, it is clear that many feel the same way, mainly because of the “insane” SBMM which is in some ways worse than the much criticized SBMM seen in public play.

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Ranked SBMM is the most insane thing I've ever seen,” said another player. “SBMM in Ranked managed to be much worse than in normal games.

According to some, the problem lies in the way players are ranked. “I think it's broken for many reasons, but the way they calculate SR means you can be a competent player and still get stuck in low ranks because of difficult games“, explains a Reddit user.

Some argue that it just doesn't make sense in any situation. “That does not make any sense. Why the hell does Ranked mode have a hidden MMR/SBMM?” protested another.

Regardless, it's clear that players are frustrated, although we'll have to wait and see if the developers act on community criticism with changes in future updates.

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