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My Hero Academia Chapter 426: Release Date and Potential Spoilers



It’s back to school for the young heroes, but the sequel will take time to come out: release date and time, potential spoilers, we tell you everything we know about chapter 426 of My Hero Academia.

Midoriya and his comrades have found their classroom and their homeroom teacher, and will be able to resume a somewhat more normal rhythm of life. But several changes have nevertheless taken place: Aoyama has decided to leave high school, to be replaced by Hitoshi as the students move on to first grade.

In addition to taking the next step, our young heroes will also have to participate in the reconstruction of Japan after the battles. They will have to travel across the country to lend a hand and ensure the safety of civilians by strengthening the ranks of professionals. Release date and time, potential spoilers: we tell you everything you need to know about chapter 426 of My Hero Academia.

Chapter 426 Release Date and Time My Hero Academia

Chapter 426 of My Hero Academia will be released on June 30, 2024 at 5 p.m. on Manga Plus. It will be available for free for at least four weeks.

The two-week break in publication is unusual and has not yet been explained by publisher or author Kohei Horikoshi. But it is possible that it is a sign of a more than imminent end for the manga, requiring a little more time to be carefully thought out and carefully presented to readers.

Potential Spoilers for Chapter 426 My Hero Academia

Chapter 426 of My Hero Academia should reveal the continuation of the reconstruction of Japan after the fighting, and the involvement of UA students in the progress, but also continue other character narrative arcs.

wheelchair endeavor at the end of my hero academia chapter 425

The director has in fact decided to involve the students more in the restoration projects, while ensuring that they watch over the citizens while order has been undermined by the recent war against All For One.

Chapter 425 ended with Endeavor in a wheelchair and facing a person locked in a machine, suggesting an injured person in intensive care or a Quirk-restricted prisoner for security. Many theories have already flourished on the Internet, and several fans have assumed that it was Toya, Shoto’s brother: we will therefore have to wait for the release of chapter 426 to discover more.

Finally, the next chapter should also reveal a little more about the strange silhouette which appeared in the previous part, and which has not yet been identified. Is this a reborn Shigaraki as readers have assumed, despite the fate that seemed sealed by previous events?

Spoilers are available a few days before the official release of the chapters of My Hero Academia : We will update this space as soon as more information is shared.

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