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My Hero Academia season 7: the visual of a moving fight from episode 8 hypes the fans



The new promotional poster for episode 8 of season 7 of My Hero Academia was released this weekend, and fans are impatiently awaiting the continuation of the anime to see this fratricidal fight as epic as it is moving.

Back for its seventh season, My Hero Academia debuted earlier this year as part of the Spring 2024 lineup. Being most certainly one of the most anticipated anime of the year, it is therefore attracting a lot of attention, especially since it adapts the The long-awaited Final Battle arc.

The Final Battle arc is the longest and final arc of the manga. As a result, the narrative reaches its climax here, bringing the biggest conflicts to the fore before resolving them. And among the intrigues that have kept fans in suspense the most so far, we find in particular the drama of the Todoroki family.

Tensions within the family were the focus of the story for some time. After the declaration of Dabi (or Dabi in the original version) during the Paranormal Liberation War arc, spectators have been waiting ever since for the supervillain to face his father Endeavor and his little brother Shoto Todoroki in a now inevitable fight.

The long-awaited fight between the two brothers finally takes place in season 7 of My Hero Academia. Episode 7 of this new season, titled “INFLATION”, features Dabi and Shoto confronting each other. But before their fight truly begins, the antagonist will reveal how Toya Todoroki survived and became Dabi.

It’s a pivotal moment in history and the anime is commemorating it by releasing a new visual. The poster is designed by Noriko Morishima, who serves as the head animator on the anime. She also worked on previous seasons and all films My Hero Academia.

In this visual, we can see Shoto using his Quirks, then facing his big brother who is standing on the statue of All Might located in Kamino. The two brothers will face each other in a place that has significant importance in history, finding themselves on the famous “Ground Zero”, which is none other than the place where All Might and All For One carried out their last Stand. This can thus be seen as a reference to the connection they have with the ancient symbol of peace, which was once the source of their father Endeavor’s sick obsession.

The newly revealed poster also promotes Season 7 Episode 8 of My Hero Academia, in which Dabi’s past will be revealed. The next episode, titled “Two Glowing Fists,” will be released on June 22, 2024.

Fans are excited about the new visual, calling it “climax”. They also have high hopes for the upcoming episode, given the special promotion it’s getting. An Internet user therefore published on X/Twitter, “BONES DOES THE JOB”and another added, “BEST FIGHT COMING LET’S GOOOOOOOOOOOO. »

A third commented on Reddit, ” Nice. There’s still potential at Studio Bones, you put in the Todoroki, some cool blue flames and baby, you have a stew brewing”with a fourth in agreement, “The next episode is going to be great. »

What if fans of the anime My Hero Academia can’t wait to see this fratricidal battle between the two Todoroki brothers, there is also another fight that they can’t wait to discover in the animated adaptation of Kōhei Horikoshi’s manga. You can also learn more about My Hero Academia: You’re Nextthe new animated film in the franchise scheduled for summer 2024 (in Japan).

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