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Native version of Minecraft for PS5 is now available



The rumors were confirmed. Mojang has just announced the native version of Minecraft for PS5. The content, for now, is a preview, released only to those who already have the PS4 edition of the game installed on their new generation console.

“We have great news for our PlayStation 5 community! Today we are releasing the first preview of a native version of Minecraft for the Sony PlayStation5 – and we need your help to test it!”, says the publication.

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In short, if you have the PS4 version of Minecraft, you can access and test this initial version on PS5 by accessing the “Settings” menu and then selecting the “Preview” option within the game*. The preview includes the new Tricky Trials update, where you can explore the test chambers, brave a strong wind, craft a mace, and more.

“As this is a preview version, we will need your help to find bugs (and we are not talking about the silverfish that emerge from test generators) and also to collect any feedback. You can find out more about how to send this below!”, highlights the company.

Why a native version of Minecraft on PS5?

According to the company, it is essential to test this new version: “We believe that Minecraft is better when more friends can play together, however they prefer, on any device they choose. We even welcome players who like to dig directly to the nearest lava block.”

Realms will be accessible and Multiplayer too, but only between PlayStation players. The Minecraft Store, however, will not be open.

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