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Naughty Dog aims to eliminate crunch from its culture



Naughty Dog plans to become a healthier studio in the coming years following reports of crisis during development of The Last of Us Part II. Through new quality strategies, the company does not want to repeat past mistakes.

During the screening of the documentary Grounded II, studio devs commented on cases of working hours characterized by unfair conditions. According to them, there is an internal mentality to prevent employees from having their rights contradicted.

We now have the goal for Naughty Dog to eliminate the crisis,” said Neil Druckmann. In recent months, the studio has been working on working around harmful relationships, adapting to remote and hybrid work and appropriate benefits.

“When we hire people, we tell them we have a reputation as a crunching studio, and that's something we don't want. And it’s something we won’t do again.”, added quality assurance leader Patrick Goss.

In 2022, Naughty Dog artists took to social media to deny the crunch accusations, and stated that the place has a good work environment. However, years later, the YouTube documentary suggests there was some truth behind the reports about the employment situation.

Naughty Dog plans to release The Last of Us Part III

Grounded II also brought great news for fans of The Last of Us. According to Neil Druckmann, The Last of Us Part III already has a concept ready and will “probably” happen. Click here to learn more.

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