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New Final Fantasy VII action figures ooze charisma



Square Enix announced the launch of a new line of Final Fantasy VII action figures, covering the classic look, the Remake models and, of course, the Rebirth characters.

Among the options, there is the Cloud Strife with polygonal details in reference to the original style; Tifa Lockhart with the most modern and realistic version; and secondary characters, such as Cactuar, Vincent, Yuffie and others.

Check out all the Final Fantasy VII action figures below:

Cloud Strife
Tifa Lockhart
Tonberry Bright and Cactuar.Tonberry Bright and Cactuar.
Tonberry Bright and Cactuar.
From left to right, Barret, Yuffie, Red XII, Vincent Valentine, Cid and Caith and Fat Moogle.

For now, Final Fantasy VII action figures are only available on American Amazon. You can find out more here!

In addition to Final Fantasy VII action figures

If miniatures don't interest you, how about a partnership with the Porsche car brand? Square promoted a collab with the manufacturer in which the directors of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth drive vehicles that bring back memories about the franchise. Check out the video here!

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