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New game from Silent Hill 2 dev may take place in Slavic mythology



A new project registered by Bloober Team suggests that the Silent Hill 2 Remake studio may be working on a game set in Slavic mythology. According to a classification, the title would be based on Unreal Engine 5 and would be a new horror experience.

According to an update on the Mapa Dotacji government page, the project consists of creating tools and processes that will allow the development of “innovative” concepts. Furthermore, it would have “large financial investments” and “high final quality”.

Silent Hill 2 Remake dev could be at the helm of ambitious project

Bloober Team mentions the production of “open cities”, but does not make it clear whether the title will have an open or semi-open world. Its architecture would also be inspired by Central and Eastern Europe, as well as Slavic mythology, but based on an authorial universe (for visual and narrative bases).

Finally, the report reveals that the game will have a third-person perspective and will use the Houdini procedural system as its main software.

Funds have been directed to the Silent Hill 2 Remake studio since 2021 and will support the project until 2027. This indicates that the game should take a few years to be released and is in the early stages of production.

It is worth remembering that Bloober Team has not yet commented on its future projects. Therefore, all of the above information should be treated as rumors.

Bloober Team, studio behind The Medium, Observer and Layers of Fear
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