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new game is in the works, DLC and more



Yacht Club Games has brought a lot of announcements for the Shovel Knight IP. The biggest news is that a new title in the main series is in development. According to studio founder Sean Velasco, the sequel will “honor the legacy of the saga, but also invest in innovative gameplay mechanics“.

For now, there is no launch forecast, but Velasco states that the experience will feature “Electrifying action, deep mechanics and all the charisma known from the franchise.” Although the executive gave vague information, he claims that clues about the project are spread across previous games.

Free Shovel Knight Pocket Dungeon DLC revealed

The free expansion called “Paradox Pack” will arrive this winter in Shovel Knight Pocket Dungeon, a title available for PS4, Nintendo Switch, PC, iOS and Android via Netflix Games.

Among the confirmed new features, the PC will receive Mod support, new playable characters will be available, stages with intense challenges will be added and players will be able to activate cheats to make the gameplay even more insane.

Shovel Knight Dig will arrive on PS5 and Xbox Series and with DLC

The franchise’s latest announcement is the launch of Shovel Knight Dig for PS5 and Xbox Series. A date will be announced “soon”, but the game will also get free DLC that will be available for all platforms.

The content called “Wicked Wishes” will add new bosses, special relics and buffs, story mysteries and unique activities. In addition, the studio highlighted a rebalance of level generation and more than 100 bug fixes.

So, did you approve of the new additions to the Shovel Knight franchise?

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