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new mode comes to Battle Royale



Epic Games announced Fortnite Reload, the new Battle Royale mode that will be available from 3pm on Saturday, June 22nd. The content features classic weapons and locations and a smaller play style for 40 people. The goal is to be the last squad standing to earn mode-exclusive rewards.

In Reload, squad members will be reset if at least one person is still in the game. Fortnite Reload is an experience for 40 people on a reduced map, with well-known locations such as Torres Tortas and Via do Varejo. If the entire team is eliminated, it’s game over! The last squad standing wins, whether in Battle Royale or Build Zero.

More Fortnite Reload details

Fortnite Reload is premised on being a more dynamic style. With the elimination of a squad member, the reset countdown begins for them to return to the match. The countdown is 30 seconds, but can increase to 40 throughout the fight. However, squadmates can reduce by 2 seconds when stunning an opponent, 4 seconds when eliminating them and 10 seconds if defeating another entire squad.

As it is a reduced map, there are no vehicles and the equipment is from the first seasons of Battle Royale, such as the Revolver, Tactical Shotgun, Tactical Submachine Gun and other weapons.

In the mode, there are Tasks that grant 20,000 XP and there are rewards such as the Cyber ​​Invasion Smoke Trail, Colorful Pool Wrap, Pool Back Accessory and Pixel Guard Glider.


So, are you going to play Fortnite Reload?

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