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New Pals in Palworld: Confirmed and Leaked Pals



Palworld is full of interesting creatures to capture, but many have yet to make their way into the game. So here are all the Pals coming to Palworld, those confirmed and those leaked.

For Palworld players, discovering new creatures is great since Pals are the best companions they can have when exploring the Palpagos Islands. And in fact, new Pals will soon join the game, so get ready.

Palworld is still in Early Access, which means that fixes and content additions will be happening all the time. And with them, the possibility of new Pals is almost inevitable. Some new Pals have already been revealed while others have leaked.

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So here are all the upcoming Palworld Pals, including those that have been officially confirmed and those that are just rumors.

All new Pals from Palworld

Pals are going to be added to Palworld at some point, so the question is: When is this going to happen? One of the clues dropped by Pocketpair, the studio behind this monster-catching survival game, came right after the February 1 patch, where the company revealed its roadmap for the game.

Palworld RoadmapPocketpair

Palworld Roadmap

As you can see, Pocketpair has expressed its intention to add “ New Islands, Pals, Bosses and Technologies » to the game. In the process, some Pals which were revealed in the promotional material could arrive soon. Let's take a look at these Pals:

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Dragostropheone of the Pals featured in the Palworld promotional videos, could be one of Palworld's new Pals. He appears to be a Dragon/Fire or Dragon/Dark type Pal. It can be used as a flying mount, and is possibly an Alpha Boss or Legendary Pal.

Dragostrophe in PalworldPocketpair

Dragostrophe in Palworld

We don't know the exact date Dragostrophe will arrive in Palworld, but we will keep you informed.


Boltmane is possibly one of the most anticipated Pals in Palworld. It is also the source of some controversial comparisons to another popular franchise. This Pal appears to be an Electric-type Pal, as its name and design suggest.

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Boltmane in PalworldPocketpair

Boltmane in Palworld

There is no firm date for when Boltmane will launch in the game, but we will update this guide once the information is revealed.

New Pals possible

Some of these Pals are just rumors or leaked Palworld content that was made public by streamers and content creators. So take this information with a grain of salt, since nothing has been officially confirmed yet.

Lunaris Noct

Lunaris Noct, is one of the new possible Pals. As its name implies, it bears a resemblance to Lunaris, the original species, but with a much more aggressive look and a design that suggests it might be a Dark-type Pal.

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Lunaris Noct in PalworldPocketpair

Palworld's Leaked Lunaris Noct

Of course, Lunaris Noct (as streamers and leakers have named this Pal) should be taken with a grain of salt since it has been datamined, and this does not guarantee an official release.

That's everything you need to know about the new Pals coming to Palworld. We will keep this guide updated.

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