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New Stardew Valley update will “save” marriages



Stardew Valley's next big update promises to save marriages. According to ConcernedApe, spouses will have a special honeymoon period to prevent them from falling into depression soon after.

In Stardew Valley, it is possible to develop relationships with the citizens of Pelican Town until you reach ten hearts. At this point, the player gets the option to propose a marriage and, after the ceremony, the spouse can win more hearts. However, soon after getting married, the players' spouses fell into depression and spent the first few weeks feeling sad – which shouldn't happen again.

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Spouses will now have a seven-day honeymoon after the wedding, which will prevent them from lying in bed all day because they are upset.

More news for Stardew Valley's big update

The community seems to be pleased with the new features scheduled for the Stardew Valley update. One of the new features is that fruit tree seedlings in the game will have the same quality as the fruits of the trees that generated them. This means it will take much less time to improve the harvest through high-quality products. Know more!

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