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New trailer for As Dusk Falls details use of DualSense



as dusk falls

The arrival of As Dusk Falls on PlayStation is approaching, and to demonstrate a little more about how well it will run on Sony consoles, developer INTERIOR/NIGHT has released more details about its development. In a developer diary, just over three minutes long, the company explained how the DualSense will work well with the title.

The objective is to show how As Dusk Falls will feature new features in its PS5 port. Thanks to DualSense, the title will come with haptic feedback technologies and touchpad controls, which players will actually be able to feel throughout the gameplay.

The game is a narrative drama, focusing on interactivity and, of course, the plot. Just like the other versions of the game, the PS5 version will also allow up to 8 players to participate in multiplayer mode using a smartphone app that connects to the game.

Dusk Falls will have PS4 and PS5 versions, confirms Interior Night

Dusk Falls debuted in 2022 for Xbox and PC, but Interior Night didn't forget about Sony consoles. During The Game Awards last year, the company confirmed the production of ports for PS4 and PS5 and announced the release date for March 7, 2024. That is, next week. Read more about the game by clicking here.

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