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next game is ambitious and difficult to make



After The Last of Us Part II, Naughty Dog only gave us remakes and remasters of the saga and this has irritated many internet users, as you can see in the comments here on the website and on social media. However, it seems that the company's next game has what it takes to delight the studio's fans once again.

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According to Neil Druckmann, head of developer PS Studios, the company is working on an “ambitious” and very “difficult to make” game. This information was shared during his participation in Logically Speaking, rapper Logic's podcast. Check out:

Working on this new game, it's really ambitious, parts of it are really difficult, but I really surrendered knowing it's going to be really hard, knowing it's going to stress the team members.

Apparently, the team has been working with some excitement around this project. Even though the game is still a mystery to those who are not part of Naughty Dog's daily life, Druckmann's words can positively affect those who trust the studio's capabilities and hope for new releases.

Neil Druckmann is already thinking about “hanging up his boots” at Naughty Dog

Neil Druckmann is not keen on prolonging his career in the games industry and is even considering retiring soon. According to him, there are things in life that need more attention than Naughty Dog. Understand better here!

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