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Nintendo may do Direct on the day of Microsoft's announcement



Microsoft, finally, announced that it will make its official statement about the future of Xbox next Thursday (15). And do you know who can hold an event on this same date? Nintendo.

A rumor started on ResetEra and has been gaining momentum in the international press that the company will announce the broadcast this Wednesday (14). And of course, with this being confirmed, everyone is hoping that there could be some kind of relationship between the two things. Who knows, maybe with some kind of special trailer for Hi-Fi Rush or another Xbox title coming to the Switch.

The Italian website Universo Nintendo says it has sources that confirm that there will be a presentation “in the next few days”.

This Monday (12), The Verge wrote a very complete article about what Microsoft was thinking with this new strategy, of taking its games everywhere. According to the report, “the launch of Xbox games on PlayStation or Switch represents a major change in strategy, and it is not something the company did hastily and without disagreements”.

More Xbox games on Nintendo and PlayStation

While Starfield, Hi-Fi Rush and Sea of ​​Thieves would be older titles that would be available on new platforms, a game that has not yet been released for the Xbox Series could be available on the PS5, for example. Among rumors released by The Verge indicate that Bethesda would be considering taking Indiana Jones and the Great Circle to the competitor.

This decision would also be part of the company's multiplatform approach, with several titles being evaluated for both Sony's new generation and the Nintendo Switch. According to sources, Indiana Jones would have a “very short” period of exclusivity on Xbox — “a few months”.

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