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Number of Suicide Squad players continues to fall



Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League even appeared in the Top 5 of game sales in the United States last month, however, it doesn't seem to be very popular. Each update to the concurrent player base on Steam has shown smaller numbers.

Launched for computers and consoles at the beginning of this month, the game registered a peak of just 13 thousand simultaneous players on PC via the platform. Last week, there were just over 1,500 on the most successful day. Now, according to Forbes, the numbers were just over 500 this Wednesday (30) and less than 300 on Thursday (31).

Obviously, PlayStation and Xbox don't have a system for revealing concurrent player counts, but the journalist writing the story highlighted that he didn't see Suicide Squad anywhere in the top 50 Xbox games in the last week at least. Bad sign for a game that has just been released, right?

Suicide Squad's performance disappointed Warner

It wasn't just the heroes who were killed in Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League, but also Warner's expectations. As reported by IGN, the company admitted that the Rocksteady game was “below expectations” during a presentation with the financial report for the last quarter of the 2023 fiscal year. Gunnar Wiedenfels, CFO of Discovery, was the one who revealed this big surprise (just not). Read more here.

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