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Official Fallout poster released by Prime Video



Shortly after releasing the trailer for the Fallout series, Prime Video shared its official poster. The art highlights the main characters from the series and shows some references to Bethesda's RPG.

The new image puts Lucy (Ella Purnell), Maximus (Aaron Motene) and Ghoul (Walton Goggins) in action poses in the Wasteland. While holding their weapons, they are accompanied by the faithful dog CX404.

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Furthermore, it is possible to observe other interesting details in the poster, such as some specific references to the Bethesda game franchise. These include the Pip-Boy bracelet, Vault Boy, Nuke Cola caps, and the Sugar Bombs consumable item. Check out the official poster for the series below:

Source: Prime Video

The Fallout series premieres on April 11, with all episodes of the first season arriving simultaneously. The broadcast will be exclusive to Prime Video.

Fallout actors and producers share their thoughts on the series

This week, the team at MyPlayStation had the opportunity to watch an exclusive interview with the actors and producers of Fallout. They discussed their experiences on the film set and shared more details about the live-action adaptation. Click here to learn more.

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