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Offline, PlayStation Stars is being investigated by Sony



Sony engineers have been working to resolve a serious issue in the PlayStation Stars program. Disabled for almost two weeks, the rewards service remains without updates and subscribers are not being notified for their purchases.

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Earlier this month, PSN users were caught off guard after accessing the PS App on their devices. This is because the points program icon mysteriously disappeared, and all old notifications led to a broken page.

In recent days, a PS App update added the PlayStation Stars symbol with a new opening animation. However, when you click on it, you are redirected to a maintenance page, where you confirm Sony’s investigation of the failure.

Check out a screenshot below:

playstation starsplaystation stars
Source: André Custodio

PlayStation Stars is experiencing issues at the moment. Our engineers are aware of the issue and are working to find a solution.

Will PlayStation Stars points be lost?

On Reddit, internet users asked for answers about what would be affecting the service and whether the points accumulated or earned during this time would be lost. One user stated that “you won’t lose any reward points,” but it’s unclear whether this is coming from Sony.

In any case, subscribers to the service hope that the feature will return soon and with corrections in accordance with purchases made since deactivation. Despite this, players are cautious and do not recommend spending money on the PS Store until the repair is complete.

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