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One of us! French goalkeeper says GTA V helps him get to know LA



Who has never played a game based on a real city and been dying to visit that place? GTA V is perhaps one of the clearest examples of this – with its adaptation from Los Angeles to Los Santos. And French goalkeeper Hugo Lloris, who transferred to LAFC, admitted that he is people like usand “already knew” the city just from hanging out with Michael, Trevor and Franklin on his PlayStation.

In an interview with Get Football News, the Frenchman cited his main references about the City of Angels. Among them, Grand Theft Auto.

“The film industry, Dr. Dre, GTA… I played this game so much on the Playstation that I had the impression that I knew all the main points of the city without ever having been here”, he commented.

Certainly, a lot of people have been through this: visiting LA and recognizing some locations from the video game. In fact, Miami could be the next to go through this. After all, GTA 6 will bring back Vice City, which is inspired precisely by the Florida city.

GTA V approaches 200 million copies

GTA V continues to sell well and has reached yet another impressive milestone: 195 million units sold. In addition, Red Dead Redemption 2 also stood out in Take-Two's most recent financial report, with 61 million copies sold. The current data was shared by the company on Thursday night (8) and you can check the main highlights by clicking here.

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