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One Piece chapter 1107: who are the giant pirates? Release date and spoilers



After the arrival of the giant pirates on Egghead Island in One Piecechapter 1107 should reveal more about their true intentions.

It's chaos on Egghead Island in One Piece, especially since the arrival of Saturn and the announcement of the Buster Call. Kuma arrived in time to save Bonney, but our heroes did not leave the inn yet.

While Kizaru and Saturn engaged in an intense battle against the Straw Hats, Luffy recovered his Gear 5 form, fascinating Bonney in the process. The latter sees in him the sun god Nika, and she is not the only one. Especially since the pirate has gained power and finds himself in a mental state similar to that of his fight against Kaido during the Wano saga.

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Release date and time, summary and potential spoilers: we tell you everything we know about chapter 1107 of One Piece !

Chapter 1107 Release Date and Time One Piece

Chapter 1107 of One Piece will come out February 18, 2024. It will be available on Manga Plus free starting at 16h In France.

Recap and potential spoilers for Chapter 1107 of One Piece

broggy and dorry giants one piececrunchyroll

At the end of chapter 1106, we are revealed that Dorry and Brogy destroyed the Navy ship in previous chapters. They came for Luffy, or rather, for the sun god Nika.

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Dorry and Brogy are giants from the island of Elbaf, introduced in the Little Garden arc of the Arabasta saga of One Piece. The appearance of the giant pirates on Egghead can only mean one thing: the Elbaf arc is now closer than ever.

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Both are aware of Luffy's new powers, and it seems that they want something from him. After all, the giants have believed in Nika for centuries and have been waiting for her return. As for who told them about Luffy's powers, we can easily bet on Shanks. He was the one who brought the legendary devil fruit to Luffy, and it seems he was always aware of its powers.

Nika is not simply a form that Luffy takes, as the sun god symbolizes the hopes and dreams of many people across several centuries. Much remains unknown about the true potential of Luffy's powers, but Elbaf's arc could shed more light on the subject.

See you on February 18 for the rest of One Piece !

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