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One Piece Chapter 1109: Spoilers Suggest New Attack for Luffy



Chapter 1109 spoilers One Piece have fallen, and suggest the introduction of a new attack for the future pirate king.

The last chapter of One Piece ended in a terrible cliffhanger, and one thing is certain: no one will come out of the Egghead arc unscathed. Dr. Vegapunk, on death's doorstep, prepares to reveal the truth about the world, while the giants come for Luffy's crew.

But the captain is grappling with two powerful enemies, single-handedly facing one of the Five Elders and a Navy Admiral. Luffy may be a Yonko, but the challenge seems insurmountable. Unless a little help from the author Eiichiro Oda?

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The spoilers are out, and they suggest something heavy, even to the point that leakers preferred to advise readers to avoid them.

Warning: this article obviously contains major spoilers from chapter 1109 of One Piece !

Chapter 1109 of One Piece would introduce Luffy's new Gear 5 attack

According to Chapter 1109 spoilers One PieceLuffy's new attack would have been translated “Dawn Symbals” in English (i.e. “symbols of dawn” in French).

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Be careful though, the name could well change with the official translation. The symbols could then be replaced by drums, more consistent with the lore surrounding Nika in the manga.

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Luffy's Gear 5 is quite particular: notes from Eiichiro Oda imply that the more the hero laughs, the more power he gains. Introduced in the Wano arc, the power has fun with cartoon codes, and it also benefited from spectacular animation in the anime One Piece.

According to recent spoilers, aspects of the cartoons will return again for Luffy's next fight. Indeed, discovering with surprise that his opponents are not injured despite his blows, he moves up a gear and crushes them like pancakes, like Tom & Jerry.

But Saturn, which has taken on an even more terrifying appearance than before, does not suffer any damage despite its strange “crashing”. Faced with his transformation, the characters wonder about the true nature of the Dean. Added to its almost immediate regeneration, we can easily deduce that the formidable enemy is in fact nothing human.

Chapter 1109 of One Piece will be released on March 3, 2024.

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