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One Piece: Chapter 1109 summons new enemies for Luffy



Chapter 1109 announces the appearance of terrible enemies on Egghead Island, which suggests big problems for Luffy and his crew.

The manga One Piece has begun its final saga for several months, and seems to be nearing its climax as the Egghead arc nears its end. The battle has raged since the Buster Call, the giants have come to seek the pirates for the Erbaf arc, but it does not stop there.

Because Dr. Vegapunk is about to make a world-changing revelation, and Caribou is about to reveal information about ancient weapons to Teach in exchange for joining his crew.

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And in the midst of all this chaos, Saturn intends to make a decisive move on the battlefield.

Warning: this article contains major spoilers from chapter 1109 of One Piece.

New enemies will land on Egghead in One Piece

Luffy may have managed to hold off an Admiral and a Dean without too much trouble in his Gear 5 form, but Saturn has just responded. Not by attacking, but by bringing in his comrades from Gorosei.

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As the Egghead arc nears its end, Eiichiro Oda has decided to drop a new bomb: the arrival of Kizaru was not enough, nor that of Saturn. The author of One Piece decided it was all the Elders who had to face Luffy.

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The flashback to the Reverie provided an insight into the powers of the Gorosei: in addition to insane power, the five Elders seem to master the same demonic forms from Japanese folklore.

If they arrive on the island, it is for a good reason: the message of Vegapunk cannot be broadcast to them. What the old man wanted to defend, the Straw Hats will certainly have to protect. Because the transmission would have started after the death of the main body of engineers.

Another box, however, should be noted: if the Deans seem to reappear at the end of chapter 1109 of One Piecea plan on Dragon could also foreshadow a new blow from the revolutionary army, installed on Ivankov Island.

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