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One Piece chapter 1111: release date and major spoilers



One Piece will soon go on hiatus, but chapter 1111 will be published before: release date and time, spoilers, we tell you everything we know.

The manga One Piece is in the middle of the climax of its Egghead arc, as the story prepares to shift towards Erbaf and his island of giants. The fights are ever more insane, propelling Luffy into a clash with the Elders whose true appearance has been revealed, while Zoro has revealed his new attack.

But even as the arc nears its conclusion, many points still need to be clarified: what is the secret about the world that Vegapunk is about to divulge in his recording? What will happen to Egghead Island and its inhabitants? How will Luffy's pirate crew escape from the reunited Gorosei?

The manga will soon enter a long hiatus, but not without first releasing chapter 1111: release date and time, spoilers, here's everything we know about the sequel One Piece.

Chapter 1111 Release Date and Time One Piece

Chapter 1111 of One Piece will come out March 24, 2024. It will be available for free on Manga Plus starting at 16h In France.

After him, we will have to wait several weeks to finally lay eyes on chapter 1112, because Eiichiro Oda will enter a break as long as it is unexpected.

Spoilers for Chapter 1111 One Piece

According to the spoilers of chapter 1111 of One Piece, one of the members of the Gorosei will try to enter the laboratory from which Vegapunk's message is sent, his goal being obviously to put an end to it. For his part, Zoro has certainly beaten Lucci, but his opponent still remains standing.

giant dorry and luffy one piece

As for Luffy, he continues to fight against the Elders who face him, but the giants are now there and question him about who Nika is. While they prevent the enemies from reaching the Straw Hat Captain, the hero has fun creating a baseball bat to launch a homerun towards the antagonists.

Away from the fighting, the crew continues to search for a way to escape, and Admiral Kizaru wants only one thing: to rest. But the most important thing comes at the end of the chapter, because the iron giant will miraculously awaken and declare: “Sorry, Joy Boyrecalling the connection already mentioned in the manga between the two entities.

Indeed, in chapter 1092 of One Piecewe could see the gigantic robot react to Luffy's transformation into Gear 5. And Vegapunk has already explained that the iron giant is a thing of the past, just like Luffy's fruit is linked to the Joy Boy of old.

More spoilers will be revealed before the release of Chapter 1111 of One Piece. We will update this space as soon as new information becomes available.

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