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One Piece chapter 1111: spoilers confirm a twist on the iron giant



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One Piece chapter 1111 spoilers confirm a twist on the

Chapter 1111 of One Piece will conclude in intense suspense, and will confirm crucial information concerning the mysterious robot from Egghead Island.

The manga One Piece has entered a crucial phase, stringing together revelations as the Egghead arc nears its end. Readers were able to discover the awakened form of the Five Elders, but also Zoro's new attack, while Vegapunk prepares to talk about “the truth about the world“.

In the manga, there are only a few minutes left before the recording reveals the famous secret, but fans will have to be patient: the genius doctor likes to keep his listeners waiting, and the long pause in the publication of One Piece after the next chapter clearly won't help.

But this 1111th part will not be without interest, especially since the spoilers announce an important event for the iron giant!

The iron giant will speak in chapter 1111 of One Piece

According to recent spoilers of One Piecechapter 1111 should show the iron giant as he awakens and speaks the words “Sorry, Joy Boy.”

The giant who wakes up at the end of the spoilers and says “Sorry, Joy Boy” is the Iron Giant for those who might be lost.

The gigantic robot appears in chapter 1065 of One Piece. We learn that it was created 900 years ago, but above all that it landed two centuries earlier at Mary Geoise to attack the holy land. The entity will never complete its project, lacking the energy to continue. Which also explains why no one knows his true abilities.

Destined for the scrapyard, the iron giant was recovered in secret by scientists preferring to study it rather than dismantle it. This is how the meccha passed through the years until finding itself in the hands of Vegapunk. But although Egghead's genius excels everywhere, he cannot understand how it works. Upon his arrival on the island, Luffy assumes that the iron giant was designed to be autonomous and to do without a pilot, with no cabin for a human appearing under its armor.

In chapter 1092, the robot reacts to the drums of liberation which accompany the transformation of the hero into his Nika form, thanks to Gear 5. His eyes then light up, but he does not move. He also won't initiate any movement when Vegapunk gets pierced by Saturn.

It is in chapter 1111 that the robot will truly awaken : according to spoilers published on social networks, the Iron Giant will say the words “Sorry, Joy Boy“, referring to Nika's appearance adopted by Luffy. The event therefore confirms the link between the entity and the mythical figure Joy Boy, but also the robot's ability to act completely independently. We can even deduce that he has his own form of intelligence!

If the figure of the former Joy Boy of the Forgotten Century still remains a mystery to this day, chapter 1111 of One Piece takes a first step towards new discoveries.

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