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One Piece chapter 1111: spoilers revive this very popular theory about Joy Boy



Chapter 1111 spoilers One Piece revealed an interesting development. Fans are now analyzing this event and what it could mean in the big overall plot. It also made a popular theory about Joy Boy more likely than ever.

Chapter 1111 of One Piece is the next chapter of the manga, scheduled to release on March 24, 2024. This will be the last chapter before the manga takes a break for several weeks. A new chapter which promises twists and turns in all directions if we rely on the spoilers circulating online, such as for example this hilarious attack by Monkey D. Luffy against the Gorosei which was recently teased.

But there is also another element that has many fans wondering, and that is the end of the chapter. According to spoilers, chapter 1111 should end with the awakening of the famous iron giant, thus confirming a twist on this mysterious robot from Egghead Island. After waking up, the iron giant will mention another equally mysterious character, namely Joy Boy.

The last time Joy Boy was mentioned this clearly in history was by Zunesh, the famous giant elephant who roams the New World and carries the island of Zō on his back. And as Joy Boy prepares to be presumably mentioned by the iron giant, fans of One Piece try as best they can to put all the pieces of the puzzle together, thus relaunching this popular theory about Joy Boy.

This theory about the nature of Joy Boy

The connection between Joy Boy, Zunesh and the iron giant could suggest that Joy Boy must have been a giant himself according to some fans. A theory which is then supported by the discovery of a giant straw hat present on Mary Geoise and which, according to some, could also belong to Joy Boy.

This is more than enough to provoke strong reactions from fans, like this Internet user who reignited the hype around this theory.

” Zunesh (a gigantic elephant) knows Joy Boy. The Iron Giant (a gigantic robot) knows Joy Boy. The theory that Joy Boy is a giant is now becoming clearer. (Remember the giant straw hat?). Are they Joy Boy's companions? Just like Luffy has Chopper and Franky?”

It was long promised that the giants would be a crucial plot point. Both Luffy and Usopp have expressed interest in traveling to Erbaf, the land of giants. Recently, Shanks and his crew also made a sensational appearance on the Isle of Giants. The giants are currently the Straw Hat Pirates' strongest ally as they are surrounded by the Gorosei and the Marines.

That Joy Boy is a giant would therefore be quite logical. Some fans also suggest that Joy Boy may be the ancestor of the Buccaneers, a race of humanoid creatures considerably larger than humans. This is why the Buccaneers still have knowledge about the Sun God Nika, and by extension, Joy Boy.

The fact that Dorry and Broggy also know Nika and that Luffy is identified with this mythical figure also contribute greatly to this theory about Joy Boy. The possibility that Joy Boy is therefore a giant is quite high and his association with Zunesh and the iron giant only adds grist to their mill.

In any case one thing is certain, it is that fans of One Piece are more than impatient to see what Eiichiro Oda has in store for them by the end of his work.

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